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H1 Pro Ergonomic Office Chair (Referral)

H1 Pro Ergonomic Office Chair (Referral)

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With 12 adjustment points, H1 PRO Ergonomic Office Chair is FULLY customizable to fit your unique body shapes. It is HIGHLY adjustable and TRULY ergonomic, bringing optimum comfort no matter whether you are working, gaming, playing instruments or just relaxing. 

Recommended by chiropractors, this chair has been proven to effectively prevent and relieve back pain, especially for those sitting for long hours with bad postures.  

H1 PRO Features:

◆ Independent adjustable 3D lumbar support: can be adjusted horizontally and vertically, offering accurate support for the lower back area.

◆ Retractable leg rest and max 136° recline: enabling you to rest your entire leg when taking a break from work, entertaining or even a siesta. 

◆ Ultra-wide and curved 3D adjustable headrest: to protect your neck and ensure comfort while you are sitting up straight and leaning backward.

◆ Practical flip-up 5D armrests: adapt to different activities like reading, typing and gaming; also, enable musicians to play instruments like guitar freely while sitting comfortably. 

◆ Unique foldable design: can be folded in half and tucked under the desk during idle time to save space. 

◆ Premium hybrid mesh woven in Germany: to ensure durability, elasticity and breathability. 

◆ Industry leading warranty: up to 15 years, built to last.

◆ Noise-free and effortless 360-degree castors: protect your floor and enable you to move freely. 

◆ Hassle-free assembly: 4 simple steps in just 5 mins.

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